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Author of POUND RIDGE PAST, Stroke Survivor memoirist, HuffPost contributor, and “Bonni Brodnick Blog” -ger (

Talking on the Phone is Cool Again

Photo by Patricia Santos on Unsplash

Notice I’m saying “called,” not “texted” or “emailed.” They actually did what we used to do before the advent of cell phones or computers: Talk on the phone.

The First Rule is: Make pretend there’s no Coronavirus

Scissor Kicks Make a Splash

I felt weightless as I scuttled to the edge of the pool. With my speech at a new, slow cadence that I had trouble getting used to, I explained to the water aerobics teacher that I had a stroke.

Gratitude Lights the Way

Photo: Michael Kogen

It was Easter Sunday morning almost four years ago. I was picking up my then 86-year-old mother and bringing her to my place for the afternoon. On the way home, while driving on Interstate-95, I had a stroke. I wasn’t feeling stressed. I had no numbness or weakness in my face, arms, or legs. I was fit and healthy. I wasn’t stressed, confused, lightheaded, or dizzy. I didn’t have a headache. The truth was, I FELT NOTHING.

Celebrate SQUIRRELS on their own special day

Photo by Yiran Yang on Unsplash

The party continues into the next day! On January 21, every year, it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Photo: Bonni Brodnick

Photo by James on Unsplash

It Will Only Take a Week of Work

How to Visit Your Mom During a Pandemic

Bonni’s Turkeys

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